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Merrell Center Christmas basic information

Set up is Wednesday 10-5 & Thursday  9-6

Food permit is Harris County

Applications are at the bottom of this page. 

Tables can be rented at check in, no need to call or email for this.

Electric needs to be added by November 8th.

Cinco Ranch Wonderland Market

Set up is ONLY Saturday  7-10 am. You may come at 6 to see if we are ready to go.

Turn into the school and turn left to go to the 9th grade center. Follow signs.

Moody Gardens Galveston infomation

Check in Thursday 2 pm-9  & Friday 7 am -12

Food permit is Galveston County.

Electric form in at the bottom of this page.

2018 Applications are below. 2019 Applications posted December 1st.

Katy Spring & Christmas Merrell Center Applications

Katy Spring 2019 April 6-7th blank (docx)


2018 Merrell center application blank (doc)


Cinco Ranch & Galveston Applications

Cinco Ranch 2018 blank (doc)


Galveston 2018 application (1) (docx)


Electrical Service Order Form Galveston (docx)


Booth Payment

Need to make a booth payment at your convienence, click here. Be sure to make a note of the show this is for, your booth name, personal name and a phone number or email. We need to be able to apply your payment to your application! 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card